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The wood used comes from local cabinet makers and serious suppliers that I particularly appreciate.

Then I use eco-responsible and controlled precious woods such as Ebony, Elm burl, Snakewood, Cade wood, Poplar burl, Bocote Wood… and many others incredible essences.



All carpenters use different wood finishing products according to their visual affinities.

For my part, I chose to use an ecological natural oil, which contains no chemicals and which gives a beautiful natural look to the wood.


Stainless steel

Many people have allergy problems regarding the wearing of certain metals. Being myself part of the intolerant, I wanted to carry out tests to finally be able to support all my jewels. I am therefore happy to be able to offer you high quality hypoallergenic stainless steels with controlled Nickel release. At present, my customers can finally wear all my jewelry. Be careful though, we are all different and zero risk does not exist.

14K gold filled

You will also find Gold filled jewelry. This incredible material is covered with a layer of 14 carat gold (K) on a brass base. An excellent alternative to solid gold, it is the thickest form of gilding. While taking care of your jewels, you can keep a Gold filled jewel for more than 30 years! More durable than gold-plated, gold-filled is hypoallergenic and can be worn underwater without any problem.

925 silver & gold plated

Finally, some fasteners will be offered in 925 Silver, as well as in 18K gold plated with a 3 micron layer. Note that a gold-plated jewel below 3 microns, will not have an optimal quality.




Machined wood is a material that is still very much alive. Despite the layers of oil it receives, avoid contact with water which could tarnish and discolor it.

Stainless steel

For your jewelry, always use the small cotton pouch provided if you want to transport it. You can then clean them with a soft, non-abrasive cloth. The durability of stainless steel gold will depend on your wise use.

Gold filled

It may take on a patina over time, you can clean it with water and neutral soap placed on a very soft cloth. Note, the gold layer of Gold filled is quite important, that’s why it may seem softer than stainless steel, it must be handled gently and carefully.

925 silver

This needs to be stored in a closed box away from air and light. All you need to do is clean your jewelry regularly with a soft, clean cloth so that it retains its original shine.

To be noted

It is of course advisable to remove your jewelry to sleep, bathe or play sports. The patina will tend to fade over time, its disappearance will depend on your maintenance and the acidity of the skin.

If you have any difficulty with the metals, please give me feedback as I always like to improve the quality. Only experience makes it possible to constantly improve products.